Building Fences...

Our fence is almost done! They weren't supposed to start until this weekend, but their schedule opened up. It looks great. We aren't fencing in our entire backyard, because some of it is wooded, and it would just cost way too much. But even after fencing in only a portion, the backyard is still nice and large. I can't wait until spring and the chance to start planting some gardens.

This week has been good - Tyler had his steroid shot in his back on Wednesday. I wanted to go in with him - mainly to see the size of the needle :) but they wouldn't let me because they use a portable x-ray machine to make sure they are putting the needle in the right place, and that wouldn't be so great for the baby. Oh well. Anyway, the shot really seems to have helped Tyler's back pain. He's still feeling it a little down his leg, but not nearly as badly, and he didn't take any pain medication or muscle relaxants yesterday or today. He will have two more rounds of the shots, and then he'll be starting some physical therapy to help take the strain off his lower back. The doctor thinks that will get him completely back to normal, which will be great!

We worked hard on the nursery last weekend, but didn't get it completed like we had hoped. There isn't much else to do though, so we should be done this weekend. The paint looks great and the shelves are going to be awesome.

Other than that, I've been spending a lot of time yelling at the television this week because of our idiot politicians. Here are a couple of stories that have been driving me crazy:

I will post pictures of the fence as soon as it's done, but for now, here are some other pictures. Enjoy!