Day #9

Well, Zach is currently asleep, so I have some time to write before sneaking in a nap. Zach is already over 1 week old - kind of crazy! He's still pretty sleepy, but likes to look at us after he eats. Tyler says he is looking at us to remember who to beat up later...because we have to torture him a little to keep him awake during feedings. He doesn't like it too much :) In the past couple of days, I've been covered in projectile spit up twice, and pee'd on - he hit me square in the forehead. So he's definitely keeping us on our toes.

My brother, Jonathan, came down this weeked for a visit so that he could meet his nephew. He also was a welcome friend for the puppies who got plenty of attention from him. Last week, Tyler actually found a Nintendo Wii at Wal-Mart and brought it home. That thing is so much fun! Even my mom was having fun playing it. But Jonathan and Tyler got in some practice this weekend. I need to play it some more so that I can beat them at the games!

Anyway, aside from being tired and sore (holding a baby can really work your shoulders and back), we're doing well. We're definitely looking forward to Zach getting older and getting to see a little more of his personality. But for now, I'll gladly take the chance for a nap!