Five Weeks Down...

I can't believe that Zach is already five weeks old. The days go pretty slowly, but looking back, time is flying by. Just to bring everyone up-to-date, Zach is doing really well. At his 1 month doctor's appointment, we found out that he was almost 11 pounds - which means he gained three pounds in his first four weeks. So he's not having any problems eating. He is also doing pretty well at the whole sleeping thing - many nights, he'll sleep five hours at a time, and the other night, he slept six hours - YES!

Zach likes to look at lights, the dogs, and windows. He also likes to look at his mom and dad - he smiles at Tyler all the time, and he'll smile at me if I kiss him on his cheeks. Zach just got to meet his Grandparents on the Thompson side - "Nana" stayed out for two weeks, and "Papa" came for a week. It was nice and Zach definitely got to know them!

The dogs are getting used to Zach...Argos is actually very protective of Zach. He has pushed Freyja away from him several times and establishes a perimeter around the baby :) Poor Zach has had the back of his head licked several times...but he doesn't seem to mind too much. Freyja just wants to know when Zach will be old enough to pet her - because that is very important. :)

Well, I have to eat dinner and then feed the little guy. Enjoy the pictures - we took them this weekend.

Pround Grandparents with Zach.

Freyja is willing to be a pillow if it means she gets pet.

Zach thinks his dad is a funny guy!

I kissed him, and he rewarded me with a smile :)