Welcome Spring!

OK, OK I know that spring is still 20 or so days away, but just being able to say it's March is close enough for me! The funny thing is that before we moved to North Carolina, my favorite season had ALWAYS been winter. Now, I really enjoy the springtime. All the blossoms and flowers are beautiful out here...and it's wonderful to see all the trees fill in again. So I am excited!

The last couple of days, I've been cleaning the house, doing laundry, organizing problem spots, and basically anything else that will keep my mind off of sugar! Tyler and I cut out sugar almost 2 weeks ago. Yes, I miss it dearly, but I have to admit I feel really good! We've both lost about 10 pounds - pretty good for 2 weeks. I think my worst sugar addiction wasn't chocolate (as anyone who knows me would assume) but sweet tea. I drink that way too much. I usually get it and feel pretty good since it's not soda, but it's full of sugar (which is what makes it such a delightful drink!). So anyway, for now I'm limited to boring water. But it's worth it.

I totally messed up tonight. I looked at the clock and saw that it was a quarter 'till, so I told Zach to say goodnight to daddy, and I put him to bed. That sweet little boy went to sleep like normal, and I went out to my computer to catch up on some things. I just happened to glance up at the time, and realized that I put him to bed at a quarter to NINE instead of TEN. Ooops! It's too late now though - he's out cold. So we'll see if he wakes up early tomorrow, or if he will be merciful and just get an extra hour of sleep. Poor Zach - he has a time-challenged mom!

Zach has been trying to sing lately - after I sing to him or a song plays, I'll hear a very quiet voice just humming. It's adorable. He also claps all the time now. Today, he kept wanting to do somersaults. He can't push himself all the way over, so he runs over to me, sits in my lap, then bends down and puts his head on the ground and waits for me to flip his legs over. Once I do, he stands back up and claps. These are the moments I want to always remember - those joyful smiles on his face.

Tyler and I have been trying to build a firepit in the backyard for a few weeks now. We poured the concrete footings, and now need to do the brick work. Unfortunately, every weekend, it's either too cold for mortar or rain is in the forecast. I just checked for this weekend, and it looks like it might be a good chance to get it done. So maybe we'll have a firepit by the end of this weekend. If we do, I'll post pictures!

Well, enjoy the last evening in February of 2008! I can't wait for spring!


Risha said...

Good for you for cutting out sugar! Now, does that mean you've cut out just things with added sugar and made predominantly of sugar (like candy) or have eliminated everything with any sugar/sweetner/corn syrup in it (like bread, pasta sauce, etc)?

Ty & Jen said...

Well, for the first two weeks, you cut out ALL sugar - and then after that, you can start adding back in the good sugars like that found in fruit. :)