Thankful Thursday

So today, for my thankful post, I am going to choose something very simple, but something I am truly thankful for right now - the sun. Growing up in Southern California, I've gotten more than my fair share of sun (300+ sunny days/year). Because of that, I love rain. Cloudy days automatically put me in a good mood. I'm weird like that. But now I have a child. Zach loves to play outside right now - he stands at the front door and signs "please" over and over again...irresistible. We have had cloudy/rainy/cool weather since last Wednesday, and it's been torture for Zach. Likewise, it's become torture for me! So today, there was a beautiful blue sky with a few white puffy clouds, and it was close to 80 degrees! It felt great to see the sun again and to feel it. And it put a smile of Zach's face too! I was so inspired that I mowed our 1.6 acres of lawn and edged too! Actually, I did that today mainly because it's supposed to RAIN again tomorrow and Saturday, and so I didn't want to wait that out. But regardless - it felt great to be outside today and to get some vitamin D the natural way. :)