Tribute Tuesday

For my first official tribute on this blog, I wanted to write about my husband, Tyler. Tyler and I have known each other since 1994, dated since 1998 and been married since 2001. There are few people outside of your family that truly know who you've been, who you are, and who you are striving to be. I'm lucky enough to be married to one of those people. I admire Tyler for many, many reasons, but for time sake, I'll just name a few.

Tyler is a rock. I've never claimed to be a really emotional girl, but I do have my moments. Tyler is constant, stable and strong. He always has his emotions in check. He doesn't let them rule his actions. I can go to him when I'm angry about something, and he always has a calm solution that doesn't leave me regretting my actions.

Tyler is gracious. This might be one of the things I admire most about my husband, because it is what I lack the most. I see things in a very black and white way, and anyone that thinks differently is just wrong. But Tyler has always nicely reminded me that even though I might be right (or I think I am), I should be gracious with others. Tyler has exemplified grace in his life - especially by staying married to me! Haha! There are many times that he could have annihilated others in work or play, but he chooses to be gracious, and because of that, I and others admire him.

Tyler provides a wonderful home for our family. Before we had Zach, and still living in California, we both worked full-time. Two jobs brings in a nice amount of money. But, we always knew that we wanted our children to have me at home with them. So my husband now is the sole bread-winner in the family, and goes to work everyday. He never has complained, never made me feel guilty, and has allowed me to fully be a mom and wife without any regrets. I must admit though that I do feel guilty each morning when he leaves for work and I go back to bed...I know how much he'd love to get some extra sleep. But I admire his commitment to us and his desire for his children to grow up with their parents - not daycare providers.

Well, I will stop there for now. Tyler is tired this evening, and my time might be better spent watching Zach so that he can relax. He really is an amazing man, and I am sooo thankful for him. Couldn't ask for more.