What was I doing ten years ago: I was 18, a senior at Bethel Christian high school, and I was most likely on my senior trip to the east coast.

Five things on my to do list today: 1) Package up two games that I sold online 2) Write and address two cards I need to send out tomorrow 3) Go to the grocery store 4) Take a shower 5) Do some laundry.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Run for President (vote for me!), build a gorgeous house on whatever land I preferred, buy timber lands, have my home professionally decorated by Pottery Barn/Crate and Barrel (I'd let them fight it out), hire a maid so I can spend all my time with my husband and son, pay off the debt and buy a home and new car for all friends and family members (see? it's good to be my friend!), purchase a private jet so that we can visit family in California whenever we please, buy a small island maybe, fund as many charities as I can (churches or individuals), invest. That's all for now. :)

Three of my bad habits: 1) Reading blogs and checking MySpace/Facebook too much 2) Leaving clean laundry in the dryer or on the couch instead of folding it and putting it away 3) Not throwing away old magazines/catalogs.

Five places I have lived: 1) Whittier, CA 2) Palmdale, CA 3) Cedarville, OH 4) Azusa, CA 5) Clayton, NC

Five jobs you've had: 1) Computer tech in college 2) College intern at Enterprise Rent-a-Car (don't ask - not a happy time.) 3) Hardware tech at Azusa Pacific University 4) Business IT Analyst at Lockheed Martin 5) High school girls varsity basketball coach

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Kenny & Jen said...

I think I know a pilot for that private jet :)