Tribute Tuesday

Today's tribute is to videos. Videos that I have been too lazy or busy to upload. Enjoy!! (Blogger is not letting me publish this post with all three videos, so I will post links to the videos in order to get this posted. Sorry!)

Zach was cracking up over pushing the book out of Tyler's hands and the consequences that followed.

Zach sings a lot these days, and this is an example. He also does some other "tricks".

Tyler just pointed this out to me last night. Whenever there is something under the couch that Zach wants, he pats his chest for "please". But then, if you ask him what the please is for, he shrugs his head to one side as if he's looking under the couch. We just thought it was funny. :)

I just started wearing my glasses when I'm using the computer, and Zach thinks they're pretty funny. So I let him try them out.