Videos for your enjoyment

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Saturday was overcast and raining, so we spent the day relaxing around the house and sneaking naps every once in awhile. On Sunday, we took Zach to Bear Island right off Hammock's Beach. It was his first trip to the beach. I think he enjoyed it! He definitely loved playing in the sand (sandbox in his future for sure), and he wasn't too sure about the waves, but he grew more comfortable with them as time went on :) Then on Monday, we relaxed again, and took Zach to the park. Gorgeous weekend! But I am truly looking forward to when Zach is a little older and we can explain to him what Memorial Day means. I read an article pointing out how most kids don't even know what the day is about other than BBQs and the beach. So hopefully in the future, we can plan on going to some type of event on Memorial Day that honors the military and the veterans. Anyway, here are some videos for you to enjoy:


Anonymous said...

That Fischer Price singing toolbench toy that is in two of the videos is one of Gabi's favorite toys ever! My mom has it at her house and Gabi plays with it endlessly. She'll be so excited to see it in August :)
Zach is such a cutie! What a sweet personality - and pretty smart too!