The litte quirks...and updates

As Zach gets older, it's so fun to watch the little things that give us a glimpse into his personality. I thought you might like to see a few of them in pictures + a couple of updates on other stuff:

Lately, Zach has started to "blow" on his food like
he has seen me do. It's pretty funny...since he does it to any food -
regardless of whether it's hot or cold :)

We have many pictures of this expression...Zach has been doing it
since he was 4 or 5 months old. Now, it's the expression he gives
when we tell him to smile for a picture.

Zach loves his dogs! But he's a little bit of a hoarder,
so he gets the ball that they love to play fetch with,
but he won't throw it to them - he just runs around
with it and hopes they will chase him.

This is probably my favorite quirk that my little boy has.
Every night, Tyler takes him to the bathroom to brush his
teeth (which Zach LOVES). When he's done, Tyler carries
him out to me for bedtime, and for some strange reason,
Zach is always in this flopped position.
It's only after brushing his teeth. :)

Oh, this picture is of all the firewood that Tyler got from a friend
last weekend. There was more, but this is all that he could
fit in the 4Runner. The big logs in front are Hickory,
and Tyler has been having a heck of a time splitting them.
Hickory is a hard wood - no lie. But all this firewood has
been great for our newly completed fire pit (See pic below)!
We have already spent a couple of chilly evenings toasting
marshmallows and making s'mores. Yum!

And last but not least, Tyler, Eric and my dad went on a deep-sea
fishing trip a couple of weeks ago...they caught a lot of red
snapper that we have been enjoying. This is a picture of Tyler
and Eric - they said it was perfect weather and they had a blast!