News Years Resolution...CHECK!

At the beginning of this year, I said that I wanted to get our master bedroom painted and made into a place of relaxation :) We've basically addressed every other room in the house except our bedroom. Anyway, even though it's November, I FINALLY pulled out the paint I bought 2 years ago for the bedroom, and got down to business. Here are some before photos:

And some after photos:

I still haven't done much with the bed. I have a green duvet cover, but I kind of like the white against the gray on the wall. Also, I know the wall is very blank above the bed...I want to purchase a nice black and white painting or something that will really fit that giant space. I've seen many that I like - they are just so pricey. But hopefully I'll be able to find an affordable one to buy soon enough! Anyway, the room feels so much more relaxing and nice. The best part is that in a little while, the carpet will be gone and there will be laminate wood flooring down instead! We picked up all the flooring this weekend, and we'll be starting on the living room on Tuesday. I will be so glad to get rid of the carpet...eww. Well, have a wonderful Sunday evening!