Still Alive!

I'm just busy. I'm overwhelmed at the realization that Thanksgiving is 1 week from today, we leave for California 3 weeks from today, my brother's wedding is 1 month from tomorrow, Christmas is something like 34 days away, and our daughter is due to be born in 68 days.

I have to figure out our menu for Thanksgiving dinner, get Christmas shopping done (I've only purchased one small gift so far), figure out what to pack for California, finish planning a bridal shower, finish a slide show for the wedding, mow the lawn one last time for the winter, clean the house, finish the new flooring, and if I continue with this list, I'm going to scream!

Oh to be Zach...the top item on his to-do list is to decide which bear ("Bo") he would prefer to suck on:

Looks like he figured it out. :)

No...wait...that's better! :)