New Fence

We finally got our fence built! After getting several quotes and being this close to killing the dogs since they've had to be in the house 24/7, the fence was put up yesterday and finished today.

Now, when the fence guys showed up yesterday morning, I was pleasantly surprised. They all appeared to be legal American citizens, and they got to work right away. Unfortunately, after Tyler left for work, the "show" began. It got hot, and the guys started taking off their shirts and either ditching them altogether or wrapping them around their heads. These guys had less-than-stellar bodies. Not that I would care, except we don't have any window coverings in the back windows yet, so they were kind of in my face all day. Then, as the day wore on, things got stretched out, and began to sag. So now I was able to scientifically conclude that 5 out of 6 fence building men prefer Fruit of the Loom underwear. But then it got hotter, and saggier (is that a word?), and suddenly I was seeing much more than my eyes could handle. But why try to describe it with words, when I can show you a picture. Literally. Take all small children out of the room (click on the photos to get the "full" effect).

This guy is either a reason to not put up a fence, or he's a darn good argument for blinds.

Anyway, the fence is up, and so are his pants, so I can stop gagging now :)