The New Year

2010 is almost one week old already, and I am just finishing up my goals for the year. I found a new way to list them from another blog this year, and I like how they are organized into different categories:


  • Get involved in our new church.

  • Keep a consistent bedtime.
  • Complete P90X.
  • Send a card or letter to one friend each month (snail-mail).
  • Blog more regularly.
  • Focus on sharpening my photography and video editing skills.
  • Focus on the values behind actions with Zach.
  • Start some Pre-K schooling for Zach.
  • Begin potty-training with Rebekah in the fall.
  • Serve a wider variety of food to both children.
  • Be more deliberate in tying God into our everyday conversations.
  • As soon as Rebekah is a full-time walker, get outside with the kids every day - even if just for a few minutes.

  • Deep clean and organize one room a month in my house.
  • Update phone contacts and address book and transfer information to the computer.
  • Make sure I have a shiny kitchen sink before I go to bed each night. 

  • Make weekly budget meetings a priority.
  • Lower my weekly grocery budget by $10.
  • Focus on building up emergency fund and HSA.
Well, there you have it. My 2010 goals. One week late, but I still have 51 weeks to accomplish them :) If you haven't set goals for 2010 yet, I hope this inspires you to at least think about some tangible goals in these categories of your life. Happy New Year!


Kristen said...

Awesome Jenn! I hope to post this too! We can check in over Mai Tais in the Carribean ;)

Jonathan and Julie said...

Very good goals! I have to say some of these would overlap to my list. (alhough my list is just mental and not on paper at this point) :)