This Boy.

This boy.
Oh my goodness.
I know Tyler and I were happy, content people before Zach came into our world, but he has made our world SO much more fun! And crazy, and frustrating -- but that's normal, and totally worth it :)

The other night, we were eating dinner at the table, and Zach was smacking TOO loudly. That was on top of the issue that he was dawdling, so I was quick to tell him "Zach, do not smack. You need to chew with your mouth closed."

Zach looked at me very seriously, swallowed his bite, and promptly put another bite into his mouth. Then he sat there, mouth clamped shut, staring at me, not moving a muscle. After about 15 seconds of staring, he spoke through his mouthful "Mommy? It's not working".

I guess in hindsight, that phrase doesn't make a lot of sense. Based on what I said, Zach really thought that if he put food in his mouth and clamped it shut, something magical would happen, and the food would get chewed.  

After Tyler and I caught our breath from laughing, we tried to explain that he can still chew his food, but he needs to keep his lips together. Which was met with mostly confusion. 

We decided it was not the hill to die on right now. Smack away, Zach, smack away.