Easter, 2010

Easter Sunday was gorgeous here - in the low 80s, sunny...perfect for Easter dresses and spending time outside. We started the day with a special breakfast of BoBerry Biscuits. If you have never tried one, my heart breaks for you. Zach calls them "bo biscuits" and loves them...what kid wouldn't?! Biscuits covered in icing...a child's paradise (and mine as well!). After our delectable breakfast, we headed to church. I know Easter Sunday is crowded, since people who never go to church decide to attend, but to add to the crowd, children in 2nd grade or higher did not have Sunday school class - they were supposed to attend the service with their parents - so it was really hard to find seats. The service was excellent - got to hear the choir and orchestra sing the Hallelujah Chorus...which gives me goosebumps every single time. Usually, it's performed a lot around Christmas, but it is definitely fitting for Easter - such a celebratory song!

After the service, we went home, and hid the eggs that Zach had dyed the day before:

For those of you keeping track, this was Egg hunt #3. It never gets old for Zach or Rebekah...this age is so much fun! :)
After all the eggs were found, Tyler showed Zach how to eat hard boiled eggs. He taught him to crack the egg on his forehead, which Zach found to be hilarious. Later, I saw him slamming a plastic egg into his forehead...poor child. He has his moments. :)
I had a fun time making Easter dinner for us - I made a standing rib roast, potato casserole and roasted asparagus. Just before it was time to eat, I looked up to see Zachary walking in from the backyard with his hands full of flowers.
My tulips to be exact.
The tulips that I planted last fall and waited months to finally get to see them bloom.
The tulips that JUST bloomed about 4 days previous.
The tulips I actually spent time photographing because I liked them so much. Proof:

They are all dead now.
But that's ok, because behind the hand full of death-sentenced tulips was my little guy with his big smile...and he was bringing ME the flowers.
Who knew dying tulips could make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. :)
Actually, now that I look back, I think it's a simple illustration of our celebration of Easter. We mourn our Savior's death by our hands and because of our sin, yet we celebrate the salvation that was made possible for us through His death. So simple...so wonderful.
We thoroughly enjoyed our Easter. What did you do? Did you find yourself ankle-deep in candy-filled eggs and plastic grass like I did? :) I hope you had a memorable celebration!