Zach's First Road Trip!

Zachary is now 10 weeks old...hard to believe! He had a very adventurous weekend. On Wednesday, we packed up the 4Runner with Zach and ALL his stuff, and we drove to Mississippi for our annual get-together. It was a 10 hour drive that took 13 hours since we had to stop every three hours so Zach could eat and stretch. Zach has now been to South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. He did really well considering he was strapped into a car seat for the whole day...and he loves to wiggle, so that was very hard for him.

Once we got to Mississippi, we spent Thursday hanging out at the lake house - Zach even watched his dad fish from the dock...but the wind started up, so we took him inside. Late Thursday night, Zach finally got to meet his grandpa! Then on Friday and Saturday, Zach was smothered by all his family - cousins, second cousins, great-great aunts and uncles, name 'em, he probably got a head rub from 'em :) Aside from a couple of meltdowns because of a missed nap, he did really well. While we were there, we had quite a storm come through, and Zach loved to listen and watch the rain. We got home last night, and Zach is back into his routine which is nice for him and his mom :)

In a few weeks, he'll do one more road trip to Ohio to see his Uncle Jonathan graduate from college! At least that will be a shorter trip, and he's starting to get more interested in his toys now, so he has some entertainment in the car.

Anyway, other than that, it looks like Tyler will be accepting a new job and will start at the end of this month. It's with a financial company, but he would be doing software development - which is what he is truly interested in. The company owner really likes Tyler, and Tyler thinks is will be a nice place to work based on the people he'll be working with. So more changes, but they are good. We've also been attending a church here in town for the past few's small, but the people are VERY nice and the pastor is a good speaker who actually gets into the scripture - instead of the real shallow 20 minute messages we've heard at other churches.

Here are some pictures from Mississippi. Enjoy!