As I Type This

...There are only 19 shopping days left until Christmas. I don't think I'm in panic mode yet, but I only have about half the list completed, and since most of it has to be shipped to the west coast, I'm starting to run out of time. This shopping season has been more of a letdown than anything else though. Usually, I love getting gifts for people. I love when you find something that is just PERFECT for someone! But this year, I am left with a lot of question marks next to people's names. I have looked and looked, and cannot find the right gift. Of course, things would be easier if I didn't have a budget - then I know I could find the perfect gift for anyone! "Oh how sweet! A Lexus! I've been wanting one of these!" But that's not the case...maybe someday, but not now :) So, with my long list of names with question marks, and the time ticking away, I find myself looking at generic, meaningless gifts. I hate the idea of giving stupid gifts, but I hate the idea of not giving a gift even more. So I'm not sure what to do. Hopefully my luck will change, and I'll find some great gifts that are in my price range.

I'm really looking forward to watching Zach open some presents. I know he won't quite get the point, but I'm sure he'll enjoy ripping wrapping paper! Tyler and I were talking about what to get for Zach, and we laughed because all of his favorite toys thus far are cheap or free: plastic hangers, plastic spoons, the cover for a CD spindle, etc. So we'll buy him some new toys, and they probably won't be nearly as cool as his hanger. Oh well.

So I've been contacted regarding my 10 year high school reunion this week. They are still deciding on details, but it will be sometime in 2008. I can't believe it's been 10 years. I'm not saying that it hasn't felt like 10 years, but 10 years just sounds so long. And then when I realize I was already 18 ten years ago, it just makes me feel old. Geez.

I should wrap this up, but here's an update on Zachary. He's 10 months old now, and he is really good at walking back and forth between me and Tyler. He still crawls a lot though. Right now, the sound that makes him laugh is "Hsssssssss" and he waves at us and puckers his lips like a fish. Oh, and he also loves finding something that will slide easily on carpet, and then crawling around while pushing it. Just yesterday, Tyler was tickling him, so Zach decided to try to tickle Tyler - his version was grabbing Tyler's shirt in the same places that we tickle him. So Tyler would let out a big laugh, and Zach would crack up and keep "tickling" daddy. It was really cute :)

Anyway, stop reading this and get shopping - time is running out!


Risha said...

So cute! I love the video of Zach!

Anonymous said...

I loved the video! He looks sooo much like you Jen.
I got contacted about my 10 year too this week - weird.