Have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Well, I'm about 45 minutes early, but you get the idea :)

Tonight we took Zachary to "Lights on the Neuse" which is a Christmas lights display that you see while taking a hayride along the Neuse River. It was nice! It was chilly, but Zach wore his warm hat - which he kept on his head without any fight (we think he knew it was keeping him warm!). Zach sat in Tyler's lap the whole time, and was absolutely mezmerized by the lights. He let out a wonderous grunt every once in awhile. After that, we had Christmas Eve dinner at the Outback, which was nice considering the cooking I will be doing tomorrow! Once we got home, we each opened a present per our Christmas Eve tradition. Tyler got an amazing toolbelt from his parents, and I got a Paula Deen cookbook from my parents. Woo hoo! Her recipes sound delicious, but I know it will kill us early if we eat too much of her cooking! It's the real southern cooking. Oh, and we gave Zach a gift too - Tyler and I got him one of those soft pop-up tunnels for him to crawl through. I was worried he's be scared, but once he saw his daddy looking at him through the tunnel from the other side, he took off after him! He LOVED it! I'll get some pictures soon and post them.

Well, I should get to bed. There is a lot to do tomorrow, and Zach doesn't even understand that half the presents under the tree are for him! Below you will find a recent video and some pictures to enjoy. Merry Christmas!!!