Happy New Year!

I'd better post this quickly before January 2 rolls around! What to say! Christmas was great - we had my parents and brother here, and Zach finally got to see what Christmas was all about. He was overwhelmed, but I think he enjoyed it. Tyler and I, however, are still trying to climb out from under the pile of toys that Zach received from loving family and friends. These toys could fill a small country. For now, we've put many away and left out a few for him to play with, and we'll rotate some new ones in after a couple of weeks.

We didn't do anything exciting for New Years, we've just been enjoying a lazy day. Tomorrow I will start taking down all the decorations and putting them away until next year. This is when I am most likely to get depressed - I hate to see the holidays pass. But at the same time, I am looking forward to falling back into our rythmn. I have two resolutions for this year. I hope they are concrete and specific enough to achieve without feeling overwhelmed. The first is to lose the baby weight. My parents got us an elyptical for Christmas, which is great because it's a good workout, and it's not dependent on the weather being good, AND it's so quiet, I can workout during Zach's morning nap without making any noise. I have started the final process of wheaning Zach from nursing, so I can really workout hard and cut the calories without worrying about it effecting him. My second resolution is to make our master bedroom a retreat that both of us can enjoy. I have ignored our bedroom since we purchased this house, because I was so focused on getting the nursery done and the rest of the house painted. Aside from the kitchen, our bedroom is the ONLY room with no paint on the walls. Also, I haven't organized the closet very well, so there is a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of our room, and another pile of clean clothes that I need to fold. Anyway, I'm going to paint the room, buy some nice accesories to finish it off, get the closet functioning and just create a relaxing space for us busy parents to escape to :) Hopefully, I can get this done soon.

Well, Zach is changing more every day. He signs "Please" for us now, and walks on and off. He makes tons of noises, and always grunts when we call his name :) He's also learning that he hates the word "No" and the hand slap that goes with it. But he doesn't face that too much. It is so much fun to watch him each day. He's a good boy.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I need to get back to my guys, so enjoy the rest of today. Welcome 2008!!