Warning! Chocoholic in Residence!

So tonight, I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies - from scratch. We realized that Zach had never tried a cookie before. Not that we wondered whether he'd like it or not...I mean, he's OUR child...there should be no question as to his love of chocolate. But he didn't like it. He LOVED it! Here are some pictures of his sugary adventure:

As a side note, I've been trying to come up with some kind of structure for this blog. A guideline as to what I will write each day. So, I've seen on other people's blogs the "Wordless Wednesday" idea - that's pretty cool. So I thought I'd take it a couple of steps further:

Memory Monday: My husband got me awesome scrapbooking software for my birthday this year, and I'm trying to put together pages when I have the time. Each Monday, I'll post one of the pages and give the background story.

Tribute Tuesday: This entry will be about someone I admire, or aspire to be like. Their life could be admirable, or just a specific action that strikes me.

Wordless Wednesday: Like what I've seen in other blogs, it will just be a picture that describes the day without words.

Thankful Thursday: We all need to focus more on what we are thankful for in our lives. So this will be an entry to remind myself of that.

(I haven't come up with one for Friday yet - any suggestions?)

So we'll see if I can keep this up!


Kenny & Jen said...

I wish I was disciplined enough to blog every day.

For Friday I have seen...

"Friday Round-up" that does a recap of the week and fun stuff she found on the web.

"Fashion Friday" talks about clothes and stuff (see BigMama)

"Friends & Family Friday" talk about friends and family :)

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with this site. You do such a great job. It makes you guys seem closer, too. I love being able to see Zach growing. He is SO cute!

A few ideas for Friday...."TGIF", "Freedom Friday" "Fascinating Friday", or "Fabulous Friday".