Before & After

Today was another rainy day...there was thunder and lightning almost all night. At one point, the thunder was so loud, it set off our car alarm. I can't complain though - Zach didn't even move during the night. He's been sleeping very soundly lately. I used to have to be VERY quiet when I went into his room to check on him at night. Every little noise would wake him up. But now, I can check on him and even mess with him or his blanket, and he just keeps on sleeping! I'm thankful that he is a good sleeper, and that we made it a priority to establish good sleep patterns from day one. I can really see the payoff now!

I'm really looking forward to our Mississippi trip this year. It's coming up this month! It's always good to see family, and the last time they saw Zach, he was only 10 weeks old! What a difference a year makes! I'm hoping the weather will be nice, because it will be fun to play with Zach out at the camp. Hopefully we'll be able to do some fishing as well!

I was very disappointed with the UNC basketball team tonight. That game was hard to watch! To take a 28 point deficit and close it to 4 points only to lose by 18 - that's ridiculous! I don't know how the coach didn't have a stroke right on the court - I think I would have. I think I'll be cheering for Memphis on Monday though - I am not a fan of the Jayhawks.

Well, after dinner tonight, Tyler gave Zach a grape popsicle - since I was planning on giving him a bath anyway. I will leave you with the before and after shots:



Enjoying the sugar high!