State Fair!

Tyler now works a 4/10 schedule, so he has every Friday off. We took advantage of that fact and decided to visit the NC state fair today...hoping to avoid the weekend crowds. It was still pretty crowded, but not nearly as bad as Saturday or Sunday! Anyway, we took Zach to see any animal we could find. He really enjoyed it! Here are some pictures:

Zach sporting his new baseball cap...such a stud :)

Checking out the chicks...the only kind I'm o.k. with!

Zach loves to look at animals...but if they start trying to check him out,
he gets a little concerned. This cow was very curious
and Zach couldn't sink much deeper into Tyler's chest. :)

We ended the day with a walk through a petting zoo which had baby goats,
camels, alpacas, porcupines (not for petting!) and sheep.
We bought a bag of carrots to feed the animals, and Zach tried,
but usually dropped the carrot before the animals got too close :)

While we were at the fair, we split a funnel cake and got some salt water taffy to take home with us. The NC state fair has an obsession with fried foods; they sell fried candy bars, fried coke, fried pecan pie, and a new one I noticed this year - fried mac'n'cheese. Eww. As if macaroni and cheese needed anything else to make it bad for you. No, we didn't try it. But we did try fried coke a couple of years ago - it was strange.

I noticed a ton of people at the fair wearing McCain/Palin stickers - they were stuck to their clothing, their hats, and even baby strollers. From the looks of it, the Republican booth was booming with business. I did see two Obama stickers, but I had to look for those. I hope it's a reflection of what we can expect in NC for the upcoming election. I am so tired of hearing about Obama, and tired of dealing with his sheep-like followers. This election season has also raised many concerns in my mind over some of the issues Christians are buying into. One of these days soon, I will blog in detail about this, but I've had Christian friends talk about watching Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" and then decide that they have to "go green" - but they don't want to discuss the politics of it. Frankly, I'm appaled, and I think Christians should have a different take on these political issues. But that's a whole new blog.

For now, enjoy the weekend and if you want to go see a movie, go see "An American Carol". Support a conservative movie for once! :)