We have been lucky this winter! We got to California just in time for a freak snowstorm, and then we just had one here at home! We got about 1/2 a foot of snow yesterday. It snowed all day - just beautiful to watch, and everything iced over pretty badly over night. Needless to say, Tyler just left for work in hopes that going in late will mean better driving conditions. Zach played in the snow a little bit, and the dogs LOVED it. Argos acted like a puppy again - bounding through the snow and chasing Freyja :) So here are some pictures. Enjoy!


Julie said...

Wow, beautiful! Do you guys have acreage with your house? It looks like it from the one pic.

Jen said...

Hey Julie! Actually, yes, we have almost 2 acres on our property. Some of it is wooded, but the majority is just open grass :) Makes for a lot of fun in the snow!