A Good Day

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." — Russel Baker

Today, my little boy graduated...

...from the Little Gym

Yeah, at 2, his options were limited. :)

Nonetheless, I was a proud, doting mother - that is...until...

...the meltdown.

You will find no pictures of my child getting his achievement medal or taking a photo with the entire class, because he wasn't there. He was standing outside on the sidewalk with me - screaming his head off. I was holding his hand, threatening various punishments lovingly trying to calm him down.

He finally did.

And in true bi-polar two-year-old style, he was back to his happy self in time to say goodbye to his teacher for the summer.

After his graduation and ad-lib sideshow, I took Zach over to his friend T's house. It was a wonderfully nice lunch and play time. (Thanks, Kathleen!)

There is something about summer. As we sat on the back deck eating lunch and watching the kids play in the kiddie pools, we were hot and a little sweaty, but it was still enjoyable. As long as I have a nice cold sweet tea in my hand, it can get as humid and hot as possible, and I'll be ok. Good conversation, knowing the kids are enjoying themselves, and knowing they will absolutely collapse at naptime is great.

But I have to say, the best part is driving home, looking in the rear view mirror and seeing your boy fast asleep in the back seat - worn out, a little dirty, but happy. That's a good feeling.

Welcome summer...may we have many hot, humid, fun-filled, exhausting days...and plenty of sweet tea! :)