Great DIY artwork!

I ran across a great DIY (Do It Yourself) art project here: Alphabet Display. I actually got the supplies and put it together this afternoon - it's great!

I couldn't find the flash cards on Michael's website, so I wasn't sure I would find them in the store. But after some looking, I found them for $6.99 like the tutorial said! I also bought the canvas ($29.99). When I got my receipt, I also got a coupon for 40% of off 1 I may use that to buy a second canvas to do a girl version in Bekah's room.

You can always order the print of this, but without any framing, it's barely cheaper than this whole project costs. And I love the look of canvas.

It turned out great, and Zach is sitting by it and pointing out all the animals as I type this. It will look great in his room, and will be a wonderful teaching aid for letter and sound recognition.

Just wanted to pass it along to anyone who is interested! Definitely an affordable, fun project!


Kristen said...

Really cute!!