Six Months Old

Dear Rebekah,

Today, you are half a year old. You're asleep for your mid-morning nap right now, and Lord knows what your brother is doing downstairs...but it's quiet. Too quiet.

It amazes me how quickly these last 6 months have gone by! Just yesterday you were a new, tiny little thing that would sleep in my arms. Now, you are too busy looking at everything to even think about sleeping as I hold you.

Since I am a "first child", I always thought it must be strange for siblings to think about how their family existed before they came along and have memories that don't include them. Maybe you'll never think about that...but if you do, I want you to know that you have made our family perfectly complete. We were happy as a family of three, but the moment you arrived, we couldn't imagine life without you.

Here are some highlights of what you've been up to lately:

  • You have two bottom teeth
  • You can sit up until your brother pushes you over indefinitely
  • You love to jump in your Jumperoo
  • You are tolerating solid food, but you don't really care either way
  • There is one solid food you DO cream
  • You are sleeping 10 hours each night, with three 1 1/2 hour naps during the day
  • You love bath time, and splash until your face is soaked.
  • You give a huge grin when your brother comes into your room to wake you up from your naps
  • You enjoy evening walks in your stroller
  • During car rides, you work on weird noises that make us laugh
  • You think the dogs are amazing
  • Just like your brother, you prefer to sleep with your face pressed up against the crib bumper
  • You suck your thumb when you are tired
  • You're ticklish on your neck
  • You can roll over both ways now
  • You insist on sleeping on your tummy

Happy half-birthday, Bekah! We love you so much and can't wait for the next 6 months!

Love, Mom