Speeding right along...

Yesterday, Tyler and I strapped the kids into the car, and made the 3 1/2 hour trip to see on of our favorite people - Mrs. Bower. The plan was that I would drive on the way there, and Tyler would drive on the way home. So off we went, my iPod keeping me awake with a steady stream of music, and my trusty Dr. Pepper at my side. Rebekah was quiet in her car seat...I couldn't tell you if she was awake or asleep, because in this culture, we banish infants to a lonely corner of the car, facing away from the family they love, so that they can stare at the backseat upholstery job for hours on end. Zachary was watching a DVD on the portable DVD player that I swore we would never resort to "when we had kids". Tyler and I were enjoying some good conversation, and doing our best impressions of different singers as they played.

Suddenly, I look in my rear view mirror and see a state patrol car speeding up to my rear bumper, with lights on and all. My first thought was "wow, that car is awesome" - because he was driving a Dodge Charger, and they are just cool. My second thought was really more of a hope - a hope that he was off on some call and needed to get around me...so I put on my blinker and did my best driving school "glide" into the lane to my right. Unfortunately, he followed. So I announced the obvious to my husband..."I think I'm going to get a ticket".

I pulled over, and waited for my punishment to commence. I'd like to note here that had this been just a few years ago, I'd be hysterically crying at this point...but I guess I'm getting a tougher skin. The highway patrolman introduced himself (how nice!), and I pretended to be glad to have made his acquaintance. He asked for my drivers license and registration, and I silently said a prayer of thanks that I actually put the new registration in the car just a few days earlier. Then Mr. patrolman says "I pulled you over for speeding...is there any particular reason why you were speeding?"

So annoying.

Suddenly, I'm back in a Jr. High classroom, trying to explain why I had not done my homework assignment. Of course there was no good reason - I just didn't do it! So like a 13 year old, I look down and mutter a "no" to the patrolman. Truthfully, the first answer that popped into my head was too sarcastic:

"Well, sir, yes, I was speeding because I


I think we can all be thankful I didn't say that out loud.

Then he went back to his awesome Charger and spent roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes writing out the ticket and checking my license history. I think they do that on purpose with speeders - so that you are sure to be extra late to wherever you were trying to go.

Long story short, I have a $160 ticket for 80 in a 65. Traffic school, here I come! And for the next 18 months, I need to probably stay a little closer to the speed limit. Ugh.


Julie said...

Jen, you have a great ability to tell stories. This is pretty funny!