Christmas, 2009

We has a great Christmas! We spent it here at home in North Carolina, and my parents were out to celebrate with us. We continued our slightly strange, but delicious tradition of eating at P.F. Chang's on Christmas Eve...I mean, what says "Merry Christmas" more than crab won-tons and Chicken Lo Mein?!

Sounds like a good 'ol southern family Christmas to me! LOL.

We were interested to see how Rebekah would handle Christmas morning, because Zach was pretty overwhelmed on his 1st Christmas. He just sat amongst his pile of new belongings and stared, or played with each one for exactly 15 seconds, and then was distracted by something else. Rebekah, however, took it all in stride. She seemed to enjoy it. And by "it" I mean her new personalized chair. Take a look for yourself:

That was over the course of a couple of hours, but it lasted for days. She loves to perch herself up in her chair and watch everything else going on. She also enjoys standing up in her chair and falling off of it, head first. Doesn't sound fun to me, but who am I to judge?

Zach got what he wanted for Christmas - a train table, and a rocket ship. He also got many other things that he loves, but those were the specific requests.

As for me, I got a ton of cookbooks! I could cook a new dish every day for 20 years it seems. I could...not that I would! I just saw the movie "Julie and Julia", and honestly, it made me tired just watching her cook all those french recipes. So, we're eating cold pizza today :)

It was a great Christmas, and truly so much fun to watch Zach get more excited about it this year, now that he's old enough. Nothing does your heart as much good as seeing things through the eyes of your kids - makes things new, exciting and special. Can't wait for next year!