Web Site Wonderful-ness

I think it's fun every once in awhile to share a list of websites that are worth checking out. No specific theme to these, and no guarantee you'll like them too, but I like to take risks like that :)

  • Freepeats.org :: Great site for getting baby, kid and maternity items for free from people in your area. The more people join, the more stuff there will be to get! 
  • The People's Cube :: Great political humor site...and if you have to ask which side of the aisle it falls on, then you do not know me at ALL.
  • My First Silhouette :: Oh,  how I wish this was available when I was pregnant with Zach or Rebekah! Such a cute idea, and really cool. If you can afford it, I swear this would be an AWESOME baby shower gift!
  • eCreamery :: And lastly, happiness -- if happiness is personalized, shipped-to-your-front-door ice cream! Custom labels, custom flavors (similar to Cold Stone Creamery). The best part is they are shipped in a container with dry ice...and that just seems fun to me :)


Kristen said...

Thanks I'll check these out! I love the new layout - nice job :)