Easter Egg Hunt #1

Being such an organized blogger/mom, I am using the numbering system for Easter egg hunts right off the bat. There is the potential for at least 3 hunts between now and Easter, so I know you'll appreciate my preemptive titles!

Today, I took the kids over to a friends house for a very fun Easter party. Zach was dying to go on an Easter egg hunt - he'd been talking about it for 3 days.
Note to self: until child has better sense of time, do NOT tell him about an event days before it is slated to occur. Future research will show this has a direct causal relationship to gray hairs and the unmistakable impression that one is losing one's mind.
I even did a practice hunt with him this morning to make sure he understood that the eggs are hidden, and he has to look for them. He was a pro.

The party was great! Lots of kids there to play with, and the rain that was threatening all day, held off until after the party. There was Easter candy and decorations, and there was Zach's Holy Grail - a bounce house.

I hardly saw my son during the party - every once in awhile, I'd look at the bounce house and catch a glimpse of his bobbing head, so I knew he was still around. He loved it!

Rebekah hung out with me for the majority of the party, and once she zeroed in on the candy and chocolate, there was really no stopping her. It's hard to hold a toddler, and watch her devour her sugary sweets and try not to eat them yourself. I was pretty proud of myself - I ate one brownie and a bite of a cupcake. The rest of the time, I just chugged water, hoping it would suffice!

Zach got to try a potato sack race for the first time today. It was a lot of fun - the kids loved it. Like a true first child, Zach was very focused on jumping in his sack correctly. There was a lot of concentration going on there. A see-saw caught Rebekah's eye, and she giggled her way up and down until mommy didn't want to play anymore :)

You know the kids liked the party when you have to drag them out to the car, crying. The kids - not me. It probably didn't help that they skipped their nap completely, and the sugar high had probably petered out by then. It wasn't a very enjoyable ride home, but when the whining became too much, I just turned up the talk radio - which I'm sure Zach hates, because I hated it at his age too :) hehehe.

At the party, the kids had short-sleeved shirts on, and were perfectly comfortable. Literally 1 1/2 hours after we left, I had to put a sweatshirt on to go outside, and I was freezing. A little while after that, Zach wanted to come inside because "it was too cold" - and he had a jacket on. Crazy weather. I'm glad it held off for most of the day though!

Enjoy your weekend!


Jonathan and Julie said...

Enjoyed reading about your fun day! It snowed here today (Easter Sunday) and we had to put chains on to get home. Weather can change quickly!