To My Husband...On His 30th Birthday (a little late)

I had every intention of posting this on your birthday, but, as you well know, life with young children is unpredictable, and that is exactly what this week has been. So, as they say, better late than never!

Dear Ty,

Today, you join me in the '30s' chapter of our life. It was a lonely 3 months here without you. Now I have you to keep me company. :) Each year, when your birthday comes around, I always feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, because in a single day, I want to show you how important you are to me and to our children. I've had amazing ideas, but then I remember we aren't millionaires, and so my "spare no expense" plans are put on hold. Often, I am left to try to sum it up in a small note at the bottom of a birthday card...and I always end up running out of space, so my writing gets smaller and smaller, and by that point, I'm just hoping you won't question my literacy. Luckily, blogs don't limit your writing space.

I am so grateful for your personality and what you bring to our family. I really think it would be a disaster without you. As I'm sure everyone knows, you balance me out. You are calm and even-tempered. As the years have gone by, you've taught me to think a little more before I speak - and I am still learning that lesson. I love that even though you are a level-headed man, you are still passionate about many things. Some of my favorite times have been long drives late at night as we discuss theology, politics, or what we want for our future. So many times, your take on things inspires me - and gets me looking at something in a completely different way. And even though you are incredibly intelligent, you are unpretentious. You approach your life with a quiet confidence that your hard work and your ideas will speak for themselves - and nothing else needs to be said. Because of that approach, you have accomplished many things, and earned a lot of respect along the way.

Thank you for getting up every morning and going to work so that I can stay home with Zach and Rebekah. Thank you for all the time you spend tickling Rebekah, or playing cars with Zach on the floor. Thank you for the countless laughs brought on by the strange conversations we have late at night -- when we should be sleeping. Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations to you - even though most of them are completely outside of our control. I could continue for a long time...but I know you'd rather I not. :)

I love you, Ty. Happy birthday.
May the years be gentle on us both, since the kids are not :)


Anonymous said...

What a great "card"

I love you to Tyler!

Kristen said...

We LOVE the dock picture! (Ahem...I just misspelled "dock" THAT would've been embarrassing ;) ) Anyways, we're more excited than ever for our vaca! These two guys are gonna have a blast. Happy Belated Birthday Tyler! It's all me now, hanging on to 29 ;)

Cherri said...

That was a sweet, sweet birthday gift. I agree...He is an amazing man!

Jonathan and Julie said...

Love this, Jen. I am 3 months, well I guess it's almost 4, older than Jonathan. Didn't know we had that in common with eachother. :)