My Garden

They tell me that it's spring.

I don't remember sweating in 90 degree heat in spring, but they assure me it's spring.

In spite of the heat and general lack of rain, things are growing -- like my garden!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I would like to take you on a tour of our yard in springtime (feel free to grab a bag of popcorn -- but make sure it has butter and salt -- without those, it's like eating crunchy air.):

This is the beginning of my zucchini crop...sorry for misspelling it on the label, but that's how it was spelled on the bag of seeds, and well, I never claimed to know or really care how to spell zucchini. :)
Here are my green beans. I planted these in spite of the painful childhood memory of picking beans with my grandmother and getting stung 3 times by a yellow jacket who clearly had a territorial issue. 

Cilantro. So good. The end.

Here are our "big boy" tomatoes. I'm probably most excited about these. I hope they turn out delicious!

Here are the blueberry bushes. I am dying to pick them and make a blueberry pie from scratch. With a lot of sugar. After we go on our cruise and the need to wear a swimsuit has passed. I can almost taste that pie. 

This isn't from my garden, it's from one of the trees in our backyard. A very big tree. I did not know that really big trees really had flowers to speak of. But it's a poplar, and produces these large tulip-like flowers. I just think they're cool.

This is one of two little azaleas that I planted in the backyard this year. They are small now, but will hopefully get very big and covered with hot pink blossoms. Unless the dogs eat them. 

I planted Morning Glory seeds, and now the vines are starting to crawl up the fence. Honestly, I'm just ecstatic that they haven't died yet. 

Here is a lovely wild flower in the grass. It will be mowed down tomorrow.

Here is what is left of our illegal burn last weekend. We aren't supposed to burn yard waste in our neighborhood, but well, we had a lot of yard waste that needed to go away. So we burned it. We're so rebellious.

Tyler has been battling ticks and mosquitoes, and spraying weed killer behind our fence every weekend - sometimes a couple of times each weekend. It's really made a difference. This is a picture of the area he has been spraying.

This is a part that he hasn't gotten to spraying yet. You can see the major difference. And I'm sure there are probably 36,000 ticks in this picture, all smiling and saying "cheese!" - we just can't see them. Stupid ticks.

Can you find the bird giving the camera a death look in this picture?She's sitting on 6 red-speckled eggs. Her nest is at the base of a tree - almost on the ground. Not the best location, but maybe her last nest was foreclosed on, and this is the best she can do. (that was cheesy).

Now this bird is just plain dumb. A bird has insisted on building a nest in the newspaper holder part of our mailbox. You can see all the pine needles on the grass that have fallen out. I don't know if there are eggs in there, but I'm waiting to get attacked when I check the mail.

Here is a picture of some of the ground cover I planted in our front yard - I like that the flowers have little spots on them. Plus, these are called "steppables" - meaning they can be walked on 2 to 3 times per day without being damaged. Nice plus when you have little children who don't appreciate walkways. 

This is in my front yard. I just love that it's happy, big and very purple. 

The plant in the middle is where I planted some poppy seeds. I am hoping that is what came up. If it's not, then I've been watering and taking care of an unidentified weed.

And this is...what the...Rebekah?! What are you wearing?!

No seriously -- this is not acceptable at all! I was trying to show everyone my garden...not your attempts to bloom. :)

Oh well...what are ya gonna do? Crazy girl :)


Jonathan and Julie said...

Very nice tour of the garden! So you are having hot weather there? Our spring is unusually mild do far. It actually snowed today! I am so glad that I didn't put my tender little plants in the dirt yet. They'd be frozen! Traditionally, planting is no sooner than Mother's Day weekend where we are at...I think I may wait until June this year.