Yesterday was a significant day for our family. Tyler finished his last college class, and now has his degree in Computer Science! Most of you know that he has been working on his degree for several years, and he kept at it even with a full-time job and a new baby in the house. Anyway, it will be great to have him come home and not have homework to do! Yesterday, I put up some cheesy decorations for him and made a black bottom pie to celebrate. I think he enjoyed it. Zach was very interested in the lei that I made Tyler wear :)

In other news, we endured a day and a half with no air conditioning. Of course, the temperature outside was 96 degrees, so it got to about 92 degrees in the house. It was not fun. I couldn't stop thinking about how people lived without A/C in the past - especially with a baby in the house! Zach dealt with it well, he wasn't too fussy, but we finally ditched the house and spent a couple of hours walking through air conditioned stores. Thankfully, we were able to get someone out to look at it fairly quickly, and he fixed it in 15 minutes. I have never been so grateful for cool air!

Zach is sitting up all by himself now, and he looks like he's been doing it forever - he's a pro! He is also working really hard at the concept of crawling. He currently uses his knees and his face to get around, but hopefully, he'll find that his arms have a function soon :)

Well, I'd love to write more, but the boy is wanting to play, and I can't resist that little face. I'll update more later!