Goodbye to Summer

I'm embarrassed at how long it's been since my last post! Zachary is 6 1/2 months old now, and he has just started crawling. It's amazing how many accomplishments a baby can achieve in his first year - and there are more to come!

Zach is now saying MA MA MA, NA NA NA, BA BA BA and DA DA DA. He works on them constantly - I love hearing his little voice. He crawled over to me the other day, and put his mouth on my leg and blew a raspberry and then looked up at me and laughed. It made me laugh too - and it left me with a huge drool spot on my leg, but oh well.

Tyler is doing well. He was offered a job with the state of NC, and because of that, his current employer offered a raise. So Tyler has a decision to make, and it hasn't been easy. But we're both thankful that there is a decision to make because we do need the extra income. Tyler is also considering purchasing an old truck. It's so hard to even consider home improvement projects without one, so he's been looking around. He may have found one he likes - so if he buys it, I'll post pictures.

As for me, I'm doing well. I have started to get serious about organizing my life, and I now have all my daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly tasks laid out on my computer calendar - so all I have to do is check it each day and see what I'm supposed to do. It makes it less likely that I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off when people come to visit.

We are having a "drought" here in NC. I put it in quotes because things are still green here - not like a drought in the California desert! But it's been very hot and dry. I'm looking forward to some good rain and the fall weather. I also can't wait to take pictures of Zach with the fall leaves!

Well, it's my goal to keep this updated more often now, so we'll see if I can keep that commitment. Here are some pictures and videos from the last 6 weeks!


Kristen said...

Ugh, you make me sick - you're organized?! :) I keep getting inspired and determined to do that, but I haven't found a system that works. I like the computer, but I also like a big visual in front of me that I can scribble on when I need to. You go girl! :)