The Terrific / Terrible Twos

So there are a lot of "twos" in our house right now.

Rebekah is 2 months old.

Zach is 2 years old.

Thus the "terrific" and "terrible" word choice.

2 months is terrific to say the least. Rebekah is growing so fast - at her check-up, she was 11 lbs, 1 oz. Which put her in the 75th percentile for weight. She is eating and sleeping very well, and when she's awake, she smiles and "talks" to us constantly. She's also fairly laid back (thank goodness!). She doesn't seem to mind if I have to leave her on the bed for awhile to do something, etc. She isn't high maintenance :) Rebekah is starting to bat at her toys in her bouncy seat, and she is becoming a pro at sucking her thumb. Next big thing should be rolling over - I need to give her more tummy time so she can practice. I am always so scared to put her on her tummy though, because she's full when she's awake, and I'm just waiting for the projectile spit-up. I guess I'll just have to risk it! :)

2 YEARS on the other hand, is terrible. I don't want you to think it's totally terrible (I'm impressed with my 't' usage tonight!), because it's not. Zach can be the most wonderful, loving, sweet, adorable, hilarious little boy...and if it weren't for glimpses of that side of him, we'd have sold him to the gypsies weeks ago. I kid, I kid.

(joyful Zach)

Zach is talking a lot more now, and his favorite word is "No". I loathe the day he learned that word. Sometimes, it seems like it's all he says. So many times a day, Zach finds himself in his room because he said "No" to mommy or daddy. He has decided to add some drama by throwing himself on the floor in a full-on tantrum with ear-piercing screams. And if that wasn't enough to age his parents early, he has decided to use his newly-learned skill of going potty to his advantage. As soon as he is sent to his room, and we close the door, he cries out "potty!". So we're left to decide if he really needs to go or if he's bluffing.

Really needs to go = mess to clean up in his room.
Bluffing = Zach gets out of his room for a precious moments of freedom.

It's been FUN! In all seriousness, we know this is an important time for him - he is testing and trying to assert his opinion...which in a weird way, is good to see, even though it means a LOT of screaming and crying - oh, and Zach gets upset too :) So we are doing our best to be consistent with him and help him learn to control his emotions and make wise choices. Like tonight, he made an unwise choice - he chose not to eat his dinner, and so he did not get any dessert. That spun off into another tantrum and a trip to his room. I know this will calm down at some point...I'll take sooner rather than later, but I'm thinking it'll be awhile.

(angry Zach)

Oh well. I'll just look over at the smiley two month old, and BEG HER to learn all the 2-year old lessons by watching now, instead of doing later. :)


Julie said...

Oh, Jen! Yes, lots of testing at this age, huh? Katie has sometimes said she needs to go potty after being sent to her room. Hmmm, did they conspire together when we weren't listening?!? Katie also will take a book to the potty at times, and then say she's not done going because she's enjoying the book so much. My strategy? I take the book away, telling her she can finish up and concentrate better without it. Within seconds of me walking out of the bathroom, book in hand, Katie calls me back: "Mommy, I'm done." Ha, caught her!