Nine Months

Our little girl is nine months old today!

I've heard people point out before that this is significant because Rebekah has now been with our family for the same amount of time as I was pregnant with her. I think that is a thinly-veiled attempt to discourage future pregnancies! Even though these months have gone by quickly, I don't like being reminded that pregnancy is that looooong. Ugh. Anyway. :)

Here is what Rebekah is up to these days:

  • She takes two 2-hour naps during the day (I don't think she's actually asleep that entire time, but she's content, so I'll take it!).
  • She's sleeping 9pm to 8am each night with no interruptions.
  • She is on a combo diet of nursing, baby food, and the occasional table food.
  • She is a crawling fiend.
  • She loves to pull up to standing on anything and everything, and is starting to let go with one hand.
  • She just discovered the stairs - evidenced by a nice bruise on her forehead.
  • She says Da-Da and means it.
  • She is still completely taken with her big brother.
  • She sucks her thumb when she is falling asleep, or needs to calm down.
  • She tolerates the baby food we give her, but LOVES to eat what we're eating.
  • She's wearing 6-9 month clothes, but they are slightly big, so she'll be wearing them for awhile.
  • Her shoe size is size 1 - 6 weeks to 3 months. Geez.
  • She loves to wrinkle her nose and give an intimidating stare to people - especially her daddy.
  • When I hold her, she burrows into my shoulder with her face, thus leaving snot and drool on my shirt.
  • She prefers her mommy and daddy...and is slightly suspicious of anyone else.
  • She loves to hold puzzle pieces and crawl around with them.
  • She has four teeth - two bottom and two top.

And in honor of her 9 month birthday, I canceled her doctor's appointment. So no shots! :)

Enjoy some pictures of our sweet girl:


Kenny and Jen said...

She is too sweet. Would love to meet her and Zach one day :)