The Craziest Time of the Year!

Forget all the traditionally crazy times of the year...Christmas, summer vacation, back to school, etc. OUR craziest time of the year is the next week and a half. You see, on the 31st of this month, I will celebrate my 30th birthday. Not a huge deal in and of itself. Except that we will also be celebrating Zach's 3rd birthday two days later (Feb. 2), and Rebekah's 1st birthday the day after that (Feb. 3). That's right folks, three birthdays in 4 days! Thank goodness my husband's birthday isn't until the end of April!

Soooo, portraits for the kids have been scheduled, outfits have been chosen, gifts are being discussed, joint birthday party is booked (they're 3 and 1 - they won't care if they have a joint party!), invitations are going out, plan for the cake is being considered, oh, and pediatric check-ups have been appointed. Sigh.

So please forgive the lack of posts lately. I have been gearing up for this crazy time. The good news is that all this activity will mean plenty of pictures to share soon!